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Northwest African American Museum

230 S. Massachusetts St., Seattle, WA



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Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home


The much anticipated exhibit, Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home, offers a rare and detailed look at Jimi’s Seattle origins through the lens of those closest to him and by his own artistic eyes. Through archival and family photos, his own artwork, personal artifacts, music, and multimedia, visitors will discover how the icon’s Seattle upbringing shaped his life and career. The collection of art and visual effects is being billed as more than an exhibition, but an experience that will take museum guests on a journey into the life of James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix, whose rise to stardom was meteoric, but whose feet never left the ground. Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home runs from November 27, 2018-May 5, 2019.


• Tue 11/27/18 - Sun 5/5/19 at

Other Upcoming Events

Jeremy Bell: Utopian Blackness


This collection is an assortment of works that project an abstract expression of Blackness in a visual form. In this body of work, Jeremy Bell unpacks and visually articulates the challenge of understanding Utopian Blackness; is it a derivative of perfect blackness, is it an establishment of flawless existence? Through his transformational process, creative production and self-discipline--Bell discovers, Utopian Blackness for him is less about a grandiose “quintessential ideal identity” but rather a resolute confidence in self-realization while being Black, present, and in the moment. For all, if self-realization is achieved, it can allow one to experience a certain form of liberation, and euphoria--for African Americans, it may allow an experience of Utopian Blackness. Come and experience the Northwest African American Museum exhibition of Jeremy Bell: Utopian Blackness Dec 20, 2018 - Mar 24, 2019.


• Thu 12/20/18 - Sun 3/24/19 at