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Tractor Tavern

5213 Ballard Ave. Northwest, Seattle, WA



$ Range: $0-$14
Cusine: American

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Ivan & Alyosha


There’s a scene in Dostoevsky’s 'The Brothers Karamazov' where the main characters Ivan and Alyosha discuss the existence of God. Ivan, in particular, questions the idea of God. Alyosha, on the other hand, is a monk, a believer, some may say a holy fool. Talk of faith and exalted things is rare in indie rock today. Enter Seattle band Ivan & Alyosha. Throughout their second release, the five-song 'Fathers Be Kind' EP, the members of this band chart their own course between divinity and disbelief. The name Ivan & Alyosha is apt for a band cutting its teeth. As Ivan in 'Brothers Karamazov' moves through the novel with doubts, Ivan & Alyosha navigate the indie rock world contemplating their path as a band. Tim says he writes songs about what’s current in his life. He recently married and had a son. Songs like 'Living for Someone' and 'Fathers Be Kind' reflect Ivan & Alyosha grappling with the idea of being in a band and trying to fashion a career. Despite the uncertainty, Ivan & Alyosha’s soulful folk tunes suggest a band inspired, hopeful and longing; a band unafraid to probe their collective faith and doubts.


• Fri 5/24/19 at - 9:00 PM
• Sat 5/25/19 at - 9:00 PM

Rhett Miller


Rhett Miller is the singer and guitarist of the Dallas alt-country quartet The Old '97s.


• Mon 5/27/19 at - 8:00 PM

The Suitcase Junket


The Suitcase Junket is Matt Lorenz's nationally touring, slide-guitar playing, throat-singing one-man-band.


• Wed 5/29/19 at - 8:00 PM

Whitney Monge



• Thu 5/30/19 at - 8:00 PM



One of the most important indie-rock bands of the 1990s, Sebadoh has matured from the schizophrenic sounds of their early recordings to the accessible pop gems featured on their last few albums.


• Sun 6/2/19 at - 8:00 PM

The Band of Heathens


The five-man rock band is based in Austin and have been influenced by the Austin mystique. Which means they present a more earnest and socially aware public face than, perhaps, your average road band.


• Mon 6/3/19 at - 8:00 PM

Thad Cockrell


American singer-songwriter Thad Cockrell (also lead singer of LEAGUES) lives out the idea of "dream outside your means" and in turn inspires his audience to do the same through thoughtful interpretation of relatable circumstance. Cockrell naturally displays himself within each of his musical masterpieces, connecting listeners and providing an outlet for self-understanding.


• Tue 6/4/19 at - 8:00 PM

The Travelin' McCourys

Bluegrass,Acoustic,Jam Band

As the sons of bluegrass legend Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury on mandolin and Rob McCoury on banjo continue their father’s work - a lifelong dedication to the power of bluegrass music. With fiddler Jason Carter and bassist Alan Bartram, the ensemble is respected by the bluegrass faithful. But the band is now combining its sound with others to make something fresh and rejuvenating.


• Wed 6/5/19 at - 8:00 PM

Big Sam's Funky Nation

Funk,Rock,Jazz,Rap/Hip Hop

Big Sam's Funky Nation brings the funk, as well as rock, jazz, and hip-hop. Deemed “Noladelic Powerfunk,” the band’s fusion of sounds accented by frontman Big Sam Williams’ electric trombone riffs will get your feet moving and your blood pumping. Big Sam has also been known to bust a few signature moves.


• Thu 6/6/19 at - 9:00 PM

Jon Langford

Folk, Rock

Legendary rocker Jon Langford, best known as the front man for the 1970s punk band, the Mekons, creates a mordantly beautiful autobiographical performance combining live punk and American roots music with his own writing, storytelling, and visual art.


• Sun 6/9/19 at - 20:00 PM



Zoe Randell and Steve Hassett make up indie-folk duo Luluc.


• Mon 6/10/19 at - 8:00 PM

Kaitie Wade



• Tue 6/11/19 at - 8:00 PM

The Local Strangers


The Local Strangers is a Seattle based folk, chill rock band.


• Sat 6/15/19 at - 7:00 PM

John Paul White


John Paul White is a Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, formerly of The Civil Wars.


• Wed 6/19/19 at - 8:00 PM

The Felice Brothers


The Felice Brothers, founded in 2006, is a folk- rock-country band from upstate New York.


• Sat 6/22/19 at - 9:00 PM

The Steel Woods


Like their name, The Steel Woods are a hybrid musical force, part hard-edged, part Americana roots country folk, man-made, yet organic, rock but also bluegrass, R&B, blues, gospel, soul and heavy metal, “the materials which America is built on” according to co-founder Wes Bayliss. The Nashville-based band is also steeped in the ethos of Southern rock, with the music on its debut, "Straw in the Wind," which came out in May 2017.


• Mon 6/24/19 at - 8:00 PM



Sinkane is an alias of Ahmed Gallab, a solo recording artist from Columbus, Ohio, who sings and plays numerous instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, et al.). His percussion-heavy style of music draws from a wide range of influences, most noticeably free jazz (e.g.,Pharoah Sanders) and shoegaze (e.g., My Bloody Valentine).


• Tue 6/25/19 at - 8:00 PM

Bruiser Brody w/ Jericho Hill & Solartone



• Fri 6/28/19 at - 21:00 PM

American Aquarium


American Aquarium is an alt-country rock band from North Carolina. Formed in 2006, the band's current lineup features BJ Barham, Shane Boeker, Adam Kurtz, Ben Hussey and Joey Bybee.


• Sun 6/30/19 at - 8:00 PM

Bones Owens



• Fri 7/12/19 at - 9:00 PM

The Red Elvises


Three Russians and one American got together in 1996 to unleash "Siberian surf rock." They invoke the spirit of Elvis with a special blend of Russian ethnic music, reckless surf rock and vintage high-energy rockabilly. The band also provided songs and the score to the 1998 film 'Six String Samurai.'


• Sat 7/20/19 at - 9:00 PM

The Dustbowl Revival


The eight-member "roots orchestra" from Southern California delivers a youthful take on time-worn American traditions, including bluegrass, swing, jazz, soul and funk.


• Sun 7/21/19 at - 8:00 PM

I Draw Slow


I Draw Slow is a five-piece Americana/alt-country group from Ireland.


• Tue 7/23/19 at - 8:00 PM

Dylan LeBlanc


Folk-rock singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc from Muscle Shoals, Alabama via Shreveport, Louisiana had a meteoric rise from Applebee's server to recording two acclaimned albums. He lost himself in a sea of booze and self-doubt. At 23, he came home to Muscle Shoals to heal, and started recording with Ben Tanner of The Alabama Shakes and John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars. The end result was the stripped-down "Cautionary Tale" in January 2016.


• Wed 7/24/19 at - 8:00 PM

Ward Davis


Arkansas native Ward Davis is a singer/songwriter whose tunes have been recorded by music legends Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Trace Atkins.


• Fri 7/26/19 at - 9:00 PM

The Minus 5


The Minus 5 features Pete Buck, Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin and John Ramberg.


• Sat 7/27/19 at - 9:00 PM

SteelDrivers, The


The SteelDrivers are a bluegrass band from Nashville who bring together country, soul, and other contemporary influences to create an unapologetic hybrid. Members are fiddler Tammy Rogers, bassist Mike Fleming, guitarist Kelvin Damrell, mandolinist Brent Truitt, and banjoist Richard Bailey.


• Sun 7/28/19 at - 8:00 PM

Micky & the Motorcars

Blues,Rock,Country,Live Music in Bar/Club

Micky & the Motorcars is a five-piece Americana band from Austin, TX.


• Thu 8/1/19 at - 8:00 PM

Town Mountain


This five-piece North Carolina-based band has a high-energy bluegrass style that incorporates elements of outlaw country music.


• Sun 8/4/19 at - 8:00 PM