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Tractor Tavern

5213 Ballard Ave. Northwest, Seattle, WA



$ Range: $0-$14
Cusine: American

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The Suitcase Junket


The Suitcase Junket is Matt Lorenz's nationally touring, slide-guitar playing, throat-singing one-man-band.


• Tue 8/21/18 at - 8:00 PM

The Sea The Sea


The indie folk-pop duo of Chuck E. Costa and Mira Stanley are based in upstate New York.


• Wed 8/22/18 at - 8:00 PM

Andrew Combs


Texas native Andrew Combs is a singer/songwriter and guitarist based out of Nashville. He released his debut album, "Worried Man," in 2012. He followed that in 2015 with "All These Dreams," influenced heavily by '70s California AM gold and the sounds of Jackspon browne and The Eagles, as well as Paul SImon's Muscle Shoals-based R&B/funk stylings.


• Wed 8/22/18 at - 8:00 PM

Chris King & The Gutterballs


Christ King & The Gutterballs are a garage, rock band from Seattle.


• Thu 8/23/18 at - 9:00 PM

Pure Bathing Culture


Pure Bathing Culture features the core duo of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille, with instrumentalists Zach Tillman and Brian Wright joining them for live shows.


• Fri 8/24/18 at - 9:00 PM

The Red Elvises


Three Russians and one American got together in 1996 to unleash "Siberian surf rock." They invoke the spirit of Elvis with a special blend of Russian ethnic music, reckless surf rock and vintage high-energy rockabilly. The band also provided songs and the score to the 1998 film 'Six String Samurai.'


• Sat 8/25/18 at - 9:00 PM

Greg Brown


Greg Brown's prolific and seasoned songwriting combines wanderlust and down-home roots and is penetrated by blues, jazz, calypso and rock. The 2002 album "Going Driftless" features famous singers covering Brown's songs, including Lucinda Williams, Ani DeFranco, Iris DeMent, Gillian Welch and Mary Chapin Carpenter. His songs have also been covered by Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Shawn Colvin and even Jeff Bridges.


• Sun 8/26/18 at - 8:00 PM

Alex Dunn



• Tue 8/28/18 at - 8:00 PM

Moon Dial



• Wed 8/29/18 at - 8:00 PM

The Mondegreens

Indie, Folk, Rock

The boys put a young face and youthful exuberance into their music, which has its roots in classic heartfelt folk, 60’s era tight harmonies, unabashedly exposing lyrics, and a twist of modern indie rock. Constantly focused on improving and expanding, while also maintaining an appreciation and connection with the qualities that have been inspiring to them in the past, The Mondegreens draw inspiration and influence from a variety of artists, such as The Beatles, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and The Avett Brothers.


• Thu 8/30/18 at - 9:00 PM

Joe Pug


The rise of Joe Pug, who lives in Austin, Texas, these days, has been as improbable as it has been impressive. After dropping out of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and taking on work as a carpenter in Chicago, he got his musical start by providing CDs for his fans to pass along to their friends. The unconventional method paid off, as thousands of requests poured in, leading to a string of sold-out shows and a record deal with Nashville indie Lightning Rod Records. He released two EPs and the albums "The Messenger" (2010) and "The Great Despiser" (2012) to wide acclaim. His latest album, "Windfall," was released in March 2015. Though he collected plenty of the requisite comparisons to early Springsteen and Dylan over his young career, on this album it's easier to hear the sway of more contemporary influences such as Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams and M. Ward.


• Wed 9/5/18 at - 8:00 PM

Matt Mays


Matt Mays is a Canadian singer-songwriter and was the lead singer of Matt Mays & El Torpedo, a rock music group based in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia and New York City.


• Thu 9/6/18 at - 9:00 PM

Rayland Baxter


Rayland Baxter is a gentleman, a singer of songs, a teller of tales, a picker of strings, a thinker of things. Born in the untamed hills of Bon Aqua, Tennessee, he tells a story unlike any other, a story that is true and full of unravelling emotion.


• Fri 9/7/18 at - 9:00 PM

Micky & the Motorcars

Blues,Rock,Country,Live Music in Bar/Club

Micky & the Motorcars is a five-piece Americana band from Austin, TX.


• Sat 9/8/18 at - 9:00 PM

Patrick Sweany


Patrick Sweany is best known for his memorable performances at some of the country's premier blues and roots festivals over the years.


• Thu 9/13/18 at - 8:00 PM

School of Rock

Cover/Tribute Band/Performer,Rock


• Sun 9/16/18 at - 2:00 PM

The Lost Dog Street Band


The Tennessee-based group features the husband and wife duo of Ashley Mae and Benjamin Tod, who combine traditional country, old time and blues influences to create their own sound.


• Wed 9/19/18 at - 8:00 PM

The National Parks


The National Parks is an indie-folk-Americana band that has been compared to The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and Mumford & Sons. Comprised of members from California, Colorado and Utah, the band formed in Provo, Utah and plays music the way people like to hear it – foot stomping beats, lyrics that sink deep to the heart, melodies that hang and hum in the head in the most pleasant ways, and tilt-your-head-back-and-let-it-rip vocals.


• Mon 9/24/18 at - 8:00 PM

Jonathan Wilson


Jonathan Wilson is a psychedelic folk musician from Laurel Canyon, California.


• Wed 9/26/18 at - 8:00 PM

Bryan John Appleby


This folk singer hails from Seattle, WA. He tours around the Washington area.


• Thu 9/27/18 at - 8:00 PM

Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Acoustic, Americana/Roots, Blues, Folk, Live Music in Bar/Club, Country

The pair of roots music legends have been friends for 30 years, but only in 2017 did the Grammy winner Alvin and Grammy nominee Gilmore first hit the highway together to swap songs, tell stories, and share their life experiences in an intimate acoustic environment. Though Texas-born Gilmore was twice named Country Artist of the Year by Rolling Stone, and California native Alvin first came to fame in the hard-rocking rhythm and blues band The Blasters, they discovered that their musical roots in old blues and folk music are exactly the same. Audiences will original compositions from the two as well as songs from a wide spectrum of songwriters and styles - everything from old jug band numbers to Merle Haggard and Sam Cooke, to the Young Bloods.


• Fri 9/28/18 at - 9:00 PM

Shonen Knife


Shonen Knife, when written in Japanese, transliterates as "Shonen Naifu," literally “Boy Knife,” is an all-female Japanese pop-punk band formed in Osaka, Japan, in 1981. Heavily influenced by 1960s girl groups, pop bands, The Beach Boys, and early punk rock acts, such as the Ramones, the trio crafts stripped-down songs expressing infectious melodies and simplistic, exuberant lyrics sung both in Japanese and English. And more than three decades later, founding member and principal songwriter Naoko is still delivering; their latest album, 2014's "Overdrive," is a nod to '70s hard rock.


• Sun 9/30/18 at - 8:00 PM

The Stone Foxes


Aaron Mort and Shannon Koehler both cover the vocals; Aaron, a very matured singer and songwriter, grabs the mic with his guitar by his side. Shannon addresses the mic with sticks in hand, a greatly experienced drummer, songwriter and vocalist. Spence Koehler, a well seasoned lead guitarist, concludes the trio and writes the majority of the band's musical material.


• Thu 10/4/18 at - 9:00 PM

Too Many Zooz


With the snowballing trend towards electronic instrumentation in music, it's easy to forget where it all first started: on street corners with real instruments, playing for tips, that is until you've heard Too Many Zooz. One part New Orleans Jazz, one part Caribbean Calypso and two parts fun, Too Many Zooz is a three-piece "brass house" band comprised of Matt Doe, Leo P, and King of Sludge. The group found their voice playing for change on New York's subway platforms, honing extremely danceable rhythms and melodies.


• Fri 10/5/18 at - 9:00 PM



Shellac is a blistering rock trio, featuring Steve Albini, Bob Weston and Todd Trainer. More likely to play Reykjavik than Detroit, and more likely to release songs on flexi-discs in Dutch comic books than provide mp3s on their website, Shellac (or Shellac of North America) will always be known for doing it their own way.


• Sat 10/6/18 at - 9:00 PM
• Sun 10/7/18 at - 9:00 PM




• Tue 10/9/18 at - 8:00 PM

Dale Watson


Singer/guitarist Dale Watson plays traditional '50s and '60s honky tonk that has made him a legend in Austin and throughout the world.


• Fri 10/12/18 at - 9:00 PM

Israel Nash


Israel Nash has fully embraced the meandering hills and endless skies of his new Central Texas home. Having relocated from New York City, the songwriter has found himself surrounded by land so isolated that it is not uncommon to be crossed by a tumbleweed or to hear the percussive warning of an agitated rattlesnake. There is an unease that comes with the visual thrill of living in the untainted lone star hills, and Nash's newest album, Rain Plans, is like a sonic acquiescence of this fact. As a writer, Nash's songs have always been poignant, but never before has his music sounded so haunting and contemplative. Electric guitar leads wind in and out of these new songs like curious spirits, with steel guitar bending and soothing the ache of the subtle melodies. Reverb enraptures the listener like a child running in slow motion through white sheets hanging from clotheslines. Rain Plans is a testament to the overwhelming grandeur of nature and our place in it. These songs are about finding solace in family and the fear of the future; knowing what you'll never know and the uncertainty that comes with that knowledge. At times melancholy celebrations and at other times standoffish guitar rock, Nash's new surroundings have helped him create a tone only hinted at in his previous work, and a songwriting sophistication that comes with great time and effort. With allusions to Lefty Frizzell, Lou Reed, and Neil Young on Rain Plans, Israel Nash is a songwriter's songwriter. His performances, tight and effectual, are equally inspired no matter the venue, with songs occasionally broken up by his dry sense of humor. Rain Plans is new territory for him, both literally and figuratively, as well as an expression of his finding a strange sort of direction in the fragility of existence. It's an effort as delicate as plucking a cactus flower, but, luckily for Israel, he now has plenty of flowers to choose from.


• Tue 10/16/18 at - 8:00 PM

Tove Styrke


Tove Anna Linnéa Östman Styrke is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She gained popularity as a contestant on Swedish Idol 2009, finishing in third place. After Idol 2009, she started a solo career as an electropop singer and songwriter.


• Sun 10/21/18 at - 8:00 PM

Joshua Hedley


Self-deprecating but confident, unambitious but hard working, subtle but virtuosic: Joshua Hedley is a living paradox. He’s also a hell of an accomplished fiddle player. His generation's champion for classic country, Hedley has said that he feels no need to try to improve upon perfection, which he believes that Nashville Sound pioneered by giants like Chet Atkins already achieved. So instead, he channels it, like a golden-era honky-tonk medium. “Classic country is like a suit. Nothing about a men’s suit has changed in like 100 years,” he says. “Classic never goes out of style. Something can’t be a throwback if it’s never been out of style.”


• Tue 10/23/18 at - 8:00 PM

Cash'd Out

Country,Cover/Tribute Band/Performer,Live Music in Bar/Club

Cash'd Out, a Johnny Cash tribute band formed in 2005 in San Diego, features vocalist Douglas Benson, guitarist Kevin Manuel, bassist Ryan Thomas and drummer George Bernardo. The quartet, which seeks authenticity at every turn, boasts over 150 different songs from "The Man in Black" in their repertoire and is the only tribute band endorsed by the official Johnny Cash website,


• Fri 11/2/18 at - 11:00 PM
• Fri 11/2/18 at - 7:00 PM

William Clark Green


Texas-based singer and guitarist, William Clark Green, released his debut CD, 'Dangerous Man,' in 2008.


• Sat 11/10/18 at - 9:00 PM