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Reich's Music for 18 Musicians

Alternative, Classical, Chamber Music, Electronic, Classical (Solo Vocal), Opera

American composer Steve Reich is hailed for his work as a pioneer of the minimalist music movement. This monumental performance Ė a single concert-length work Ė features Reichís very-rarely staged Music for Eighteen Musicians in a wander-through concert experience. For this momentous occasion, a cast of vocalists, percussionists, pianists, and chamber musicians gather from around the globe in the Pacific Northwest. Emerald City Music is South Lake Unionís destination for vogue, eclectic, open-bar classical music shows.


• Fri 3/1/19 at 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Denmark's The Dreamers' Circus Folk Band (Emerald City Music)

Folk, Alternative, Classical, Chamber Music

One fateful night in 2009, Ale and Rune were standing in the corner of a pub in Copenhagen jamming some folk tunes. Nikolaj just came in, sat at the piano, and began to play along. A decade later, Dreamersí Circus has toured the world performing at the Sydney Opera House, with the Polish Orchestra Sinfonia, and more. The group blends classical works with Danish folk tunes, earning them the Danish Rising Star Award, the Danish Folk Music Talent of the Year Award, and nominations for Danish Composers of the Year. Their collaborators include the Danish String Quartet, Gustaf Ljunggren, and more. This intimate night with folk band, The Dreamersí Circus, marks the groupís first visit to the Pacific Northwest on this inaugural US Tour. Discover their music here:


• Fri 4/5/19 at 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Bach's Complete Cello Suites by Emerald City Music

Classical, Chamber Music, Orchestral

Emerald City Music is South Lake Unionís destination for vogue, eclectic, open-bar classical music shows. Top-flight musicians gather from every corner of the globe to perform on ECMís stages. The six cello suites of Johann Sebastian Bach are considered the Baroque composerís most iconic set of chamber music. However, performing them in one marathon session is a bold and challenging feat for any cellist. British cellist Colin Carr returns to the Emerald City Music stages to conclude the season with this marathon full-evening performance of Bachís complete Cello Suites. ďa beacon for the casual-classical movement, presenting high-level musicians in an unstuffy environment.Ē Ė CityArts Magazine.


• Fri 5/24/19 at 8:00 PM - 11:45 PM