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Milton/Edgewood Library

900 Meridian Ave. E., Milton, WA



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Idea Hatch: Space Quest

For the Family

Explore space! Create a planet and watch it orbit, test real meteorites, create clouds and lightning, experience space in virtual reality and more.


• Thu 6/27/19 at - 1:30 PM

The Puppet Theater Presents: Little Red and Dog House

Puppet Theater

Pierce County Library puppeteers present classic stories.


• Tue 7/9/19 at - 2:30 PM

Nancy Stewart: Up, Up and Away


Join Nancy Stewart in a singing celebration of people, places and things that are out of this world! From weird inventions to an exploration of the solar system, this concert will have you moving in space.


• Thu 7/11/19 at - 1:30 PM

Alex Zerbe: Gravity Catastrophe!

Children, Community Event, For the Family

Alex Zerbe, The Zaniac, will captivate you as he uses juggling skills to teach physics. He takes a tornado of juggling, combines it with a whirlwind of knowledge and sends it crashing into your brain.


• Thu 7/25/19 at - 1:30 PM

Eric Ode: Space Dog


Join author/musician Eric Ode and Benjamin D. Dog in this music and poetry-filled space adventure.


• Thu 8/8/19 at - 1:30 PM

Museum of Flight Portable Science: Summer Sky Stories of Alexandria

Children, Education, For the Family

Travel back in time to second century Alexandria for a night of stargazing and storytelling. Meet a direct student of the great astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in this interactive planetarium show. Ages 5+.


• Thu 8/15/19 at - 1:30 PM