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How Good/Bad Is Your Balance? How Do You Measure Up Against Other Men and Women Your Age?


Decreased balance can make you stay home when you want to get out, trip you in front of your friends, slow you down, prevent you from enjoying your grandchildren, put you at risk for a major injury and force you to "look old" and/or use a cane or walker. Did you know 1 in 4 people 65+ fall each year? Less than half tell their doctor. Falls are the most common cause of hip and head injury. Falling one time doubles your chance of falling again! What you can expect to learn during this educational class: Top 3 causes of "bad balance;" How to stay off the cane or walker and when you should be using one; What causes 95% of broken hips and how to prevent them from happening; Your balance score and how you compare to men and women your own age; and A sure-fire way to keep or improve your balance (it might be easier than you think).