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Screening of documentary film Bridging Urban America: The Story of Ralph Modjeski followed by Q&A with producers Basia and Leonard Myszynski

Film, Living History

Bridging Urban America: The Story of Ralph Modjeski is a documentary about one of America's greatest bridge designers and pioneer of the suspension bridges. From 1896 to 1936, Ralph Modjeski - a Polish-born and Paris-educated civil engineer - designed and built over 40 bridges, most of which are still in use today. Bridging Urban America details the construction of his most iconic projects, including the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Bridge. In his innovative designs Modjeski brilliantly combined science with art and significantly contributed to the urbanization of modern America. Bridging Urban America has been shown on over 350 public TV stations across America and continues to air on PBS America in Europe. Basia and Leonard Myszynski, the filmmakers and producers of Bridging Urban America: The Story of Ralph Modjeski, have also produced documentaries Modjeska: Woman Triumphant and Leaning Out: An Intimate Look at Twin Tower Engineer Leslie Robertson. Organizer: The UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee.