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Learning Is Forever Constance Sidles: How Birds Survive the Winter


While we wrap ourselves up in fluffy blankets and drink hot tea and toddies to get us through the winter, birds endure rain, sleet, snow, and cold with grace. How do they do it? Come hear master birder and author Connie Sidles tell you about those amazing birds of winter and what they do to survive. You'll never look at birds the same way again. Constance Sidles is a master birder who has written four books about her favorite place on Earth, Montlake Fill (also called Union Bay Natural Area), located on the UW campus. Connie is a former board member of Seattle Audubon Society, a current member of the Conservation Committee, and chair of the Publications Committee. She is also an ornithology instructor for the University of Washington. Connie graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Egyptology. email for reqd parking pass.