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Harvie Social Justice Lecture: Robbie Tolan


The Robert A. Harvie Social Justice Lecture Series will return on Friday, Jan. 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Worthington Center with a presentation by author Robbie Tolan, who wrote the book "No Justice." The event is free and open to the public. Robbie Tolan has spent the last decade fighting for the rights of black victims seeking justice when dealing with police officers and the judicial system. His law making case, Tolan v Cotton has set the precedent in the way judges are allowed to grant police officers qualified immunity. Since its ruling in 2014, Tolan's case has been cited in and helped thousands of cases involving police brutality. Tolan's foundation, Project 1231, is dedicated to making sure that victims of police brutality get the support they need. He currently lives in Houston, Texas. "No Justice" is the harrowing story of Robbie Tolan, who early on one New Year's Eve morning, found himself being rushed to the hospital. A white police officer had shot him in the chest after mistakenly accusing him of stealing his own car...while in his own driveway. In a journey that took nearly a decade, Tolan and his family saw his case go before the United States Supreme Court in a groundbreaking decision, while Tolan struggled with how to put his life back together. "No Justice" is the story about what happened after the media went away and Tolanís story reminds us that police brutality is not a theoretical talking point in a larger nationwide argument.