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Japanese School Information Session (Free)

Children, Education

Are you ready for your child/children to take the next step to Succeed Globally? It is proven that having knowledge of another Language and being Bilingual will not only achieve success academically, but in the Career world as well. Let us help your child/children get there. Have your child/children take the next step of learning Japanese Language and change their future. Join us for free Information Session at our Japanese Language School to get your child started. *Appointment Based Information Session* Japanese Language School free information session for our upcoming Spring Semester: -Preschool Class (Ages 3-6). -Saturday Japanese Language Class (Ages 7-18). -After School Japanese Language Class (Ages 4-10). **Children's Classes only** Please schedule a time slot for your appointment. This information session is a one-on-one session with the instructor, to get to know the instructor and for the instructor to get to know you as well as your child. Appointments are only about 15-20 minutes; 30 min max depending on if you have any questions for the Instructor. Contact us via Facebook (Agape Japanese Language School), email ( or by phone 253-212-3957 to schedule your slot. Facebook Event: Website: This is a one on one session; to provide 100% focus on each student who are interested in attending Japanese Language School. *Plenty of free parking available.