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Juggle Jam Tacoma Presented by Circle Up Productions

Circus, Class/Workshop, For the Family

Circle Up Production Presents Juggle Jam Tacoma. Fun for everyone. Juggle Jam is a 101 circus skills workshop for all ages. All skill levels are welcome. Using juggling balls, scarves, clubs, rings, ropes, hula hoops and spinning plates, Michelle Matlock with special guest circus performer Tanya Gagne, will lead the group in a traditional "Circle up" which is a series of playful circus skill building games. Followed by a music filled break out "jam" where participants will have the opportunity to explore each skill in rotation. About Michelle Matlock, Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Circle Up Productions LLC. Michelle Matlock has spent 20 years teaching, performing, directing and producing in the theater and circus industries. She most recently created and performed the character "Ladybug" for Cirque du Soleil's OVO. She has also had the pleasure of playing with Big Apple Circus, Circus Amok, Bindlestiff Family Circus and her touring solo show "The Mammy Project". After close to 10 years on the road with Cirque du Soleil, she returns to where it all began, her hometown of Tacoma, WA. Michelle is excited to share her knowledge and create platforms for performing artist to thrive in Tacoma. Circle Up Productions (CUP) LLC, a live entertainment production company focused on partnering with other producing companies to bring innovative and original theater, circus, performance festivals and educational performance workshops to the Tacoma community.