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Puget Sound Women’s Show

Business, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

Tacoma Mall and ShowCase Magazine and the American Heart Association co-host the Puget Sound Women’s Show. This heart felt event focuses on having fun and loving yourself! Imagine the bliss evoked while having a free chair massage and hand aroma therapy…ohhhh la la! Discovering cutting edge health knowledge, great wellness and beauty advice and new fashion ideas. The American Heart Association will share a story of heart felt challenge and change. The first two hundred and fifty ladies to register receive a free gift bag and are entered to win an overnight stay and dinner at the award-winning Alderbrook Resort and Spa. The resort was selected as the best resort by Evening Magazine in 2009 and was awarded four crowns by Northstar Media Travel.

Dates in your area:
Tacoma Mall
• Sat 2/9/19 at 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM