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Mischief: A Melanated Burlesque and Variety Show

Burlesque, Variety Show, Vaudeville

$25 VIP front two rows ($30 at the door); $20 General Admission ($25 at the door). Purchase tickets at Mischief: A Melanated Burlesque and Variety Show. Mischief brings quality entertainment by performers of color from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our mission is to feature marginalized artists in the entertainment industry; to promote unity, equity and equality through the celebration of our black and brown bodies; to bring color balance to your life. In honor of Black History Month, we are excited to bring an all-Black cast for the first time to Olympia. Featuring Olympia's own Triple D TNT, Lowa De Boom Boom. And an incredible inaugural cast. Ava D'Jor (Tacoma); Chesty La Rue (Seattle); D'Monica Leone (Seattle); Honeydew LaRoux (Portland); Lavish Leone (Seattle); Oliver Clothesoff (Portland); Mx. Pucks A'Plenty (Seattle); Solangerie (Olympia); and Umbruh (Portland). Hosted by The Mocha Mae West, Dahlia Kash.