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Jeremy Bell: Utopian Blackness


This collection is an assortment of works that project an abstract expression of Blackness in a visual form. In this body of work, Jeremy Bell unpacks and visually articulates the challenge of understanding Utopian Blackness; is it a derivative of perfect blackness, is it an establishment of flawless existence? Through his transformational process, creative production and self-discipline--Bell discovers, Utopian Blackness for him is less about a grandiose “quintessential ideal identity” but rather a resolute confidence in self-realization while being Black, present, and in the moment. For all, if self-realization is achieved, it can allow one to experience a certain form of liberation, and euphoria--for African Americans, it may allow an experience of Utopian Blackness. Come and experience the Northwest African American Museum exhibition of Jeremy Bell: Utopian Blackness Dec 20, 2018 - Mar 24, 2019.

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Northwest African American Museum
• Thu 12/20/18 - Sun 3/24/19 at