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What's A Clubhouse?

Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Community Event, Class/Workshop

Are you, or someone you love, challenged by mental illness? Progress House Association, with state funding, is opening a Clubhouse in Pierce County. At a Clubhouse, people with mental illnesses are not patients or clients they're members. Clubhouses worldwide are communities that heal and empower people who would otherwise be isolated, offering opportunities to use the talent and skill they already have - or learn new ones. An informational meeting will be held at the Moore Branch of the Tacoma Public Library on Tuesday, 2/5/19 from 5:30-7pm. To learn more about Clubhouses, and how you can help create the best possible one for Pierce County, please come! Check out the Progress Clubhouse Planning Group page on Facebook for more about us, and the Clubhouse International page for more about this successful model for addressing the challenges of mental illness in our communities. [Not Sponsored by the TPL]