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Love and Let Go

Painting, Mixed Media, Drawings/Works on Paper

Do you have a desire to dive deep and unbury unique artifacts revealing a treasure trove of even more fabulous, sparkly, magical you? Would you like to be able to deeply exhale a beautiful “ahhh” as your inner landscape is awakened, expressed & explored through color, images, form, texture and play? Seize the moment un-earthing messages from your soul… Your intuition always speaks to you. Let’s listen through creative exploration! Join me won’t you? Bring a lunch. Dessert and water provided. On this day, we will explore intuitive painting through 3 stages: First: “Leaping Colors” – Dive into a world that is unknown and exploratory. Feel colors in your feet to the top of your crown – what needs to leap from your physical essence onto the canvas? What would that look like in this very moment? What would it look like if you were to leap off the cliff… and fly? With complete abandon…You are free. Second: “Heart Speak” – Allow yourself to focus on your heart to bring forth healing colors to navigate stuck emotions from deep below. Lastly: “Reflections & Soul Messages” – paint reflective soul messages you hear and sense. The focus is on your inner Self, not what is happening on the paper. In intuitive painting, we paint in silence for a deep inner connection to self. When a small group gathers to create there is a sacred and transformative energy that supports, heals and guides us all. Artful Dreamers Studio is a safe sacred space filled with care, kindness, love, compassion and courage. Show up just as you are, authentically you and stretch yourself and explore. No previous art experience is needed. Beginners and all levels are welcome. There are no mistakes in art! Just learning experiences. For more information and to sign up through paypal, go to: