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An Evening of Compassion: Candlelight Christmas Eve Prayer Service

Religious, Holiday, Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Education

When our mind is filled with compassion we wish for the suffering we see to cease and want for the well-being of those around us. This mind of compassion is beautiful, peaceful, and meaningful. We are offering a service on Christmas Eve to bring meditation and prayer into the production of compassion for our world. Many people around the world, including non-Christians and even Buddhists, may participate in Christmas celebrations. But, this can be a difficult time for people, even when they seem to have so many good things going for them. We will have a short talk on compassion and engage in a set of prayers called Prayers for World Peace. During the Prayers for World Peace, we will also meditate on our own compassion so we can bring this gift to our loved ones and others who we will see in the coming days.