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Tacoma Noise Rodeo

Experimental (Incl. All Music Forms)

Esoteric electronic music has always had a hard time finding a place and a time. Tacoma Noise Rodeo exists because there is no outlet for in Tacoma for who make music that tends towards the experimental. The idea behind the noise rodeo is to locate this venue. Each of the artists was selected because of their vision of what music should be. Each artist is given 30 minutes to fill with their vision of sounds. Afterwards the three artists play a 30 minute freeform collaborative jam. Its not about what any artist playing is going to do stylistically, its not if they fit in with the theme for the evening, or the music the other artists are playing. Its that they choose and they play what they think should be played. That place is Honey @ Alma Mater. The time is Friday November 30th at 7pm. The price? Free. Infideltek is the work of Daniel Miller. Under this project the premise of one individual locked together in binary state with a fluid ever changing relationship with electronic instruments. In various forms of ambient or noise. infradead sings the songs for the silenced 56k modems in the world Vereiste: experimentalist noisemaker