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Picture This! Life & Art in Palestine

Art Talk

Internationally acclaimed political cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh, a Palestinian who lives in Ramallah in the West Bank, will speak in Tacoma at King's Books on Saturday afternoon, November 10 at 4:00 pm. In 2013, he was detained by the Israelis for five months, spending much of it in solitary confinement, a situation that inspired the creation of his first book of cartoons, White And Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine. The book won rave reviews from leading political cartoonists around the world including KAL of The Economist, Matt Wuerker of Politico, and Joe Sacco. Sabaaneh is the Middle East representative of the Cartoonists Rights Network International. He has had solo and group exhibitions of his work in numerous countries around the world and has conducted cartooning workshops in many parts of Palestine. Last fall, he was hailed by the UN's Committee on Palestinian Rights as one of Palestine's two best-ever cartoonists and was featured in the exhibition and gala they staged at UN headquarters in New York. This year, he has already made great appearances in Edinburgh and London. This is a rare opportunity to meet and hear someone of this stature from a region on the planet that is in the news everyday. He'll be talking about everyday life in Palestine and how he translates that into cartoons in a daily newspaper. Sponsored by Tacoma chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. For more info: