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Galactic Wisdom Fair

Community Event, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

Michiko Hayashi will be giving Hado healing sessions with her new Hado vibrational machines at the Galactic Wisdom Fair. The machines can help with almost any spiritual or physical problem. Michiko is the former personal assistant to Dr. Masaru Emoto; she is the head of the Emoto Peace Project, see: What is a Hado Session? Hado means “Vibration” in Japanese. Michiko will use a Hado vibrational machine to give consultations for people who already have physical or spiritual problems as well as for people who wish to maintain good health and accomplish desires they have such as “financial abundance," “success," “protection," etc. Hado vibrational machine detects the root causes of the problem that are in our subconscious mind – Michiko makes a personalized programmed water to neutralize the blockage that will help improve the condition. You will be taking your customized programmed water that will keep for about 2 weeks. The Fair is free, but Hado vibrational healing sessions are $180 which includes your own personalized water. If you would like a healing session, please RSVP to me at: Michiko will be giving a free presentation on the Hado machines and how they work from 10 am to 12 noon. Sessions will then be available from 12 noon to 6 pm for a maximum of up to six people. Sessions are customized for each person for 45 minutes. Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that everything is Hado or vibration; he used special Hado vibrational machines to successfully treat 10,000 people before he passed away in 2014. Along with Michiko will be other vendors giving readings (including myself, Ted Mahr), as well as people selling wonderful crystals. Gems, and essential healing oils, and other spiritual people.