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Bob's Comedy Jive Presents: Grime Time Live

Stand Up Comedy, Sketch Comedy

Grime /grim/ 1. dirt ingrained on the surface of something, especially clothing, a building, or the skin. 2. 95% of stand up comedians. Welcome to Grime Time Live, Tacoma. A show that could not be more fitting for our cherished city that prides itself on its stench. In between day jobs and driving many hours every week to perform in the back of dive bars, sports bars, and sometimes comedy clubs or actual theaters, comedians manage to piece together chaotic lives full of all kinds of grimy moments. This month, we host an absolute gauntlet of hilarious comedians who will serenade you with unsanitary stories of stank. Did we mention there’s a game show portion at the end? Featuring: Joshua Chambers, Claire Webber, Jill Silva, Elliott GB, Summer Azim, and Richie Aflleje. Hosted by: Matthew Valdespino.