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Laura Veirs, Whitney Balen, Mike Dumovich

Acoustic, Alternative, Indie, Experimental (Incl. All Music Forms)

This event features Laura Veirs who besides her prolific indie folk career was recently in the trio with Neko Case and KD Lang. She is supporting her new record "The Lookout" produced by her husband and Grammy nominated producer Tucker Martine. It is her tenth album. “You’re a Shooting Star, I’m a Sinking Ship" (out August 24 on Father/Daughter Records and Substitute Scene) is a sonic breakthrough for the 27-year-old. While she’s long stood out in the local music scene thanks to a one-of-a-kind voice that’s part mousy murmur, part bashful specter, part warbling yelps, and part nasal crooner, her previous albums (the 2014 LP Falls and 2017 EP Being Here Is Hard) were very much tiny DIY solo collections. You’re a Shooting Star, I’m a Sinking Ship rips off the ceiling and gets expansive.” - Seattle Weekly Mike Dumovich has recorded 4 records and has worked with people such as Bill Frisell, Jesse Sykes, Eyvind Kang, Karl Blau and Phil Elverum. “Settling on the psyche like a prickly hallucination, this is plucked mosaic shibboleth blues, where you're willing to follow the weathered vocalist's story anywhere, delighted by each shuffle of twilight imagery and montage of dreams and wilderness. Dumovich has almost unbearable confidence, really seducing the listener into the labyrinth of his storytelling." - Chris Estey. “Mike Dumovich sings pensive songs, delivering them in a matter-of-fact voice and radiant guitar plucking that can put you in a trance.” - Brian Barr - Seattle Weekly. Mike Dumovich has recorded four records and worked with Bill Frisell.