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Johnaye Kendrick w/Chris Symer


Johnaye performs her own original compositions as well as fresh interpretations of beloved jazz and blues compositions. She focuses on graceful renditions of jazz standards and composes music and lyrics where she often accompanies herself on harmonium, violin, viola and percussion. The legendary Jimmy Heath says that “Johnaye is not just a vocalist. She is a complete musician with a beautiful instrument and open ears.” Chris Symer (bass) feels at home playing almost any type of music and has found a way to keep himself busy in a variety of musical situations. From the un-classifiable Southern California based group “Headless Household,” to his work with saxophonist Bennie Maupin, guitarists Charlie Byrd & Robben Ford and pianist Roger Kellaway to orchestral playing for film scores, Symer’s consistent sound and reliable sense of direction have not only helped him find work, but to get there on time as well. Since moving to Seattle from Los Angeles in 2002 he has become an integral part of the city’s jazz scene.