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Learn to Meditate

Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Religious

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many of us feel stressed and over-worked. And with so much to do, we often feel there isnít time in the day to pause and meditate. Yet, if the mind is unpeaceful, agitated or worried, then we arenít able to create change in our activities, our work or our relationships. Meditation is a practice to cultivate peaceful, clear states of mind that naturally give rise to happiness. With a peaceful mind, we can learn to handle any situation and can thus bring benefit to ourselves and others in our daily life. In short, meditation creates the change we are looking for. In this class, we will learn essential techniques for mastering the practice of meditation to reap all of its benefits. Applying these methods in your everyday life will lead to happiness and an ability to deal with whatever arises without stress, frustration, or other emotions boiling over. Everyone can learn to meditate, so drop in and give it a try. The peace and happiness you are seeking is closer than you think.