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Culturally Competent Educators: Building Brilliance in Black and Brown Children

Talks/Lectures, Conference, Education

Schools that routinely fail Black and Brown children are not extraordinary. In fact, they are all too ordinary. If we are to succeed in positively shifting outcomes for boys and young men of color, we first must change the way school is ‘done.’ But before we are able to effectively educate Black children, and Black boys in particular, we must first understand ourselves, our racial conditioning, and the bias that shapes the very lens we look through as we assess Black and Brown children’s personalities, skill sets and future potential. This workshop, led by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., author of “The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys,” and local educators Tilman Smith, Sarah Felstiner, and Theressa Lenear, is the first step towards taking action around issues of diversity, multicultural education, power, privilege, and leadership. Dr. Moore’s book is hailed as “an important discussion that will transform the next 25 years of educating our Black and Brown children” by the University of North Carolina, and this session will bolster your toolkit in order to improve the experiences of children of color across many different learning environments. At this full day workshop, participants will be offered effective resources along with research, activities, personal stories, and advice to help attendees rise to the challenge of empowering our Black and Brown children to Dream, Believe and Achieve. This culturally responsive workshop is perfect for anyone working with children of color in multiple learning environment (museums, schools, centers, churches, zoos etc.). To register for this workshop visit: