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Healing Herbs as Daily Foods

Talks/Lectures, Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Food/Tasting

Holistic herbal medicine offers a far different approach to wellness from how we think about medicine in the mainstream. With traditional plant medicine we don’t wait for symptoms to arise, but instead address our health daily through every choice of what we drink or eat. The greenworld provides a wealth of both wild and cultivated food and medicine that we can incorporate into the regular rotation of foods we feed ourselves and our families. In this class you will be inspired to add some delicious health-promoting plant medicine as foods for your table—creating nutritious broths, soups, jam, power chai, and more to benefit vitality, digestion, immunity, proper inflammatory response, and more. Instructor: Carol Trasatto, herbalist. Carol has been walking the herbal path for more than 35 years and brings great respect and appreciation for the intrinsic power of nature to heal. Carol is the author of Conscious Caregiving: Plant Medicine, Nutrition, Mindful Practices to Give Ease, detailing extensive support for caregivers as well as their companions going through intensive illness, medical treatments, or dying. She is the herb buyer at Radiance. To register, contact Radiance at 360-357-5250, via, or email Carol at Class will be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage. Stairs must be climbed to access the classroom space.