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Readers Theater Unlimited: Romantic Couples Comedies

Staged Reading

Join us for another laughter filled afternoon with Readers Theater Unlimited with four romantic comedies directed by Judy Oliver. “Gin and Tonic” by John Clifford: This comedy offers a fresh look at the problems of senior dating. Olive is having a bad day when she is interrupted by Stanley, a brash fellow who seems to have mistaken her office for the nearby Senior Dating Service. Will his charm and wit win her over to go for a gin and tonic? “Great Sentimental Value, Big Reward” by Terryl Paiste: Rocco enjoys being the target of a practical joke partly because it produces laughter in the bar he frequents. Amelia returns an umbrella and quizzes him on why he’s collecting so many lost umbrellas. Will Rocco succeed in getting this prim and proper Amelia’s phone number or address? “Welcome to Acceptance” by Terryl Paiste: Sam, an experienced robber of small banks, is surprised when Mrs. Melcher, a brand new teller, is not the pushover he typically finds. “Fear of Flying” by Jason D. Martin: A mature couple is about to board a flight to Hawaii so they can attend their son’s wedding, but Jack get cold feet, laying out innumerable reasons not to go. What will it take for Edith to get Jack to attend the wedding? This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Lacey Library.