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Sol Seed: Perfect By Tomorrow: Ian Ayers

Live Music in Bar/Club

Sol Seed brings a distinct sound combining elements of Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, World Music and Psychedelic Jam with a Reggae foundation to form a positive musical fusion that is uniquely their own. With thought-provoking lyrics, infectious grooves and high-energy live performances, Sol Seed creates an unforgettable live-music experience for people of all ages to enjoy. Perfect by Tomorrow: Four young jets from Bellingham, WA. put together a diverse mix of genres and talent that gives you ‘Perfect By Tomorrow.' Throughout high school, the band became popular among students and performed at school events and house parties. Since then, the band has sustained a fan base on the west coast and have released 2 albums and 2 singles independently. They find influences through bands like Sublime, Soundgarden, The Expendables, Passafire, The Police, The Beatles, and many more great bands. In the effort of making themselves known throughout North America, they are relentlessly playing live shows and connecting with their fans, also catching some radio air time on 99.9 KISW (Seattle’s #1 station), 1150 KKNW, 89.3 KUGS (Western Washington University). $8 cover.