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Spirit Guide

Mixed Media, Class/Workshop

Please bring loving kindness for fabulous you, a journal or pad, pen & any special things to add to your Spirit Doll. (crystals, small pictures, wishes) The spirit takes on meaning for each woman that creates one. It is like a personal guide that you create for yourself. It symbolizes and contains the personal characteristics you need in your life right now. The process involves some reflection, writing and then the creative part of making the doll. The outcome is truly amazing, self-affirming and empowering. Process. Define your purpose for the Spirit Guide…what does she represent? Her body can be made from wood, beads, objects from nature, fabric and more. You can attach photographs and/or poetry to the doll, or hide prayers, crystals & intentions within the doll. (bring what you would like). Magic happens when we trust the process and let go of preconceived notions of how your doll should look and assist the form it wishes to take. The making of the Spirit Guide is a deeply personal ritual to bring to form a part of yourself that is emerging from your unconscious. We will: Work on turning off the inner critic. Relax and “allow” it to come. Please register with PayPal at: