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Butterfly Emerges

Painting, Mixed Media, Class/Workshop

Each of us has a butterfly waiting to burst out of our chrysalis. In the chrysalis stage, the butterfly seems like she is sleeping but it is a powerful and critical stage of development and evolution in which the butterfly is preparing the world for a new and magnificent wave of existence, which only exists in her own imagination. Dream big and prepare to emerge. What does your future hold? Please come and spend the afternoon painting, creating in your imagination and take flight. My soul sent me a muse today to sprinkle some magic into my routine. My muse bounced into my awareness, light as a feather... as colorful as a rainbow. Light sparkled around her. Her wings danced with the wind and bubbled with the sun drops. So delicate. So free. Her flight captured my imagination. I wished for iridescent wings and a boundless landscape. She whispered to me… Within the simplest moments are infinite reservoirs of light and love. New magic waiting to bloom into my life. The flight of the butterfly entrancing my imagination to new heights. Together we Rise Above. Rise Above, One Brush Stroke at a Time by Whitney Freya. Please register at: