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On Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, and TRUST: An Interactive Discussion & Gallery Event Presented by Microsoft

Computers/Technology, Gallery, Design, Art Talk

Thought leaders from Seattle’s global design community will share their perspectives on the creative challenges and opportunities brought forth in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Lightning talks and an interactive panel discussion, will be followed up with a curated, interactive art mixer. Moderator: Jon Friedman (Microsoft). Exhibitor: Asta Roseway (Microsoft). Panelists: Mira Lane (Microsoft), Blaise Aguera y Arcas (Google), Afroditi Psarra (DX Arts), Robert Twomey. The Seattle Design Festival Design Discussions are a series of curated interactive workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations exploring TRUST in design. These discussions will bring together technology design leaders, design educators, artists, activist and urbanists to examines the role of design thinking to building TRUST among, and create diverse communities.