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Mark Hilliard Wilson, Cathedral Guitarist: Musical Diaries


Join Cathedral Guitarist Mark Hilliard Wilson in a concert of musical diaries: music collected and played during the travels of J. S. Bach and from Mark's own journey to Catalonia, Spain in 2017. Featuring a lute suite co-written by Bach and the greatest lutenist of the Baroque, Sylvius Leopold Weiss; as well as music by Wilson inspired by the medieval streets and old castle walls of Girona, evoking the characters of donkeys, bullfrogs, and a puppy. Suggested donation: $18.00 Passes are available in advance at or donate at the door. This concert will be held in the Cathedral Chapel. St. James Cathedral Music. 804 Ninth Avenue. Seattle, WA 98107. (206) 382-4874. Mark Hilliard Wilson combines passionate playing with clear technical command and a compelling story behind each composition. The Cathedral Guitarist of St. James Cathedral, he can be heard at 6:10pm on the first Friday of every month playing a prelude to the Taizé service. Performing regularly at festivals and concert series throughout the Greater Northwest, Wilson has distinguished himself as a unique voice. His compositions for the guitar have been appearing on stages throughout the Northwest US and Canada for over 15 years. Wilson is the conductor, composer, arranger and music director to the Guitar Orchestra, a relatively unexplored genre of multiple guitars. He has taught at Whatcom Community College and Bellevue College. He is currently touring in support of his new CD, El Sueno del Camino, which is the product of a series of concerts he played along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.