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PAEC Presents The Kingston Trio


There is nothing like the experience of performing before an adoring audience. Successful groups become icons and often extend their performing years as long as they can. Performers are human and their productive years are limited. The exposure through live performances of the phenomena they have created is left either to new groups who perform tributes to the original or, in rare cases, a continuation of the original group with replacements, which we call a legacy group. The Kingston Trio is a legacy group. It has recently become a true “legacy” group as the mantle has been handed down to Josh Reynolds, the son of Nick Reynolds, one of the original members of The Kingston Trio. The Kingston Trio has been diligently preparing a brand new and exciting show. Josh and Nick’s cousin, Mike Marvin, along with the talented Tim Gorelangton will now continue the performing legacy of The Kingston Trio. At founding member Bob Shane’s behest, they return to their roots with shows for the upcoming Fall, Winter and Spring concert seasons. This will be known as: “The Legacy Tour, A salute to 60 years of The Kingston Trio.” A Kingston Trio concert is a compelling, hilarious, and thrilling show that leaves audiences wanting more and emotionally moved … with ovation after standing ovation, following their performances. Along with all their traditional hit songs and fan favorites (everything from Tom Dooley to MTA to Greenback Dollar and Where Have all the Flowers Gone?) they’ve added fresh new stories and songs to The Kingston Trio repertoire. Josh, Mike & Tim blend their voices to create that Kingston Trio sound in exactly the same manner in which it all started with Nick, Bob and Dave Guard.