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Pareja De 3


Ana Karina, a young woman in her thirties, in the process of divorcing Toņo, is tired of asking him to leave the apartment that they shared as a couple. Given that he has consecutively refused to leave the place – as he still loves her – Ana Karina decides to proceed with extreme measures; to bring Max, her new partner, to live with her. Infuriated and jealous, Toņo warns them that he has no plans to move out, whatsoever. Given that Ana Karina has never found the key to be happy with only one man, she starts to live in the same apartment with both men, since she asserts that Toņo and Max together make up the ideal man she has always looked for, which she confesses to her best friend and confidant Moira. In this way, Ana Karina valiantly decides to live with Toņo and Max – provoking jealousy in Moira – sorting out the complications that may arise from this peculiar marriage of three.