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One Dollar Check


One Dollar Check formed in 2012 by founding members Singer/Songwriter Gared Sanne, Rhythm Guitarist/Songwriter Rocky Garton, Lead Guitarist Aaron Pierce, and Drummer Charles Gallegos. In 2012 the band recorded their 1st 5 track EP, recorded at Telos Studios in Eugene, Oregon. By 2013, the band had undergone several member changes, and acquired current bassist Elijah Constantinescu just before recording the bandís 1st full-length album Feels So Right. Released in 2014, it is influenced by the likes of Pepper, Tribal Seeds, Rebelution and more. After the release of Feels So Right, One Dollar Check extensively toured the Pacific Northwest including California. In December 2016 founding member Rocky Garton left the band and a new sound and performance began to take shape. Self-described as Dirty Roots, the bands high energy paired with elements of hard rock and blues have set them apart within the west coast reggae scene. Their multi genre style, paired with powerful lyrics, have given ODC an opportunity to appeal to all ages.