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Protecting Health: Climate, Environment, and Action

Green/Environmental, Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Community Event, Class/Workshop, Seminar, Politics, Education

Are you a health professional or health advocate concerned about fossil fuel expansion, climate change, environmental destruction, and the impacts of such on your family and patients? Do you want to learn more about the dangers our region faces, solutions, and opportunities for you to make a difference? If you answered yes, please join us at our upcoming workshop. Sightline Institute ranks Tacoma as one of the most targeted locations in the Pacific Northwest for fossil fuel expansion projects. These proposals would put our health and the safety of our communities and patients at risk. Join members of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Protect Tacoma’s Tideflats Coalition, and others as we work to protect the health of our communities using our powerful voices as health advocates. This workshop will include presentations on climate change and health, local impacts, background on the Tideflats Subarea Planning process, and speaking and written advocacy and communications tools training. This event is free and light refreshments are provided.