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An Evening of Music and Dance

Special Event, World Dance

Belly dancers will be performing to both recorded music and to live music by the duo of Acoustic Pilgrims. Are you a dancer? Contact Kashani for a dance slot. There is also an afternoon workshop for musicians and dancers at The Woman’s Club of Olympia, 1002 Washington St SE, Olympia, 98501, from 2:30-4:30 pm. Come out and join in this fun community experience. Experience the Joy. In the heyday of Middle Eastern nightclubs there were frequent opportunities for dance students to get on the dance floor and move for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the music in a social setting. Dancers could mimic the movements of those more experienced, participate in a line dance, or just "zone out" to the music, absorbing the rhythms and the feeling of the music. Wayne and Denise of the Acoustic Pilgrims bring you the dance party experience, with live music and some easily learned group dances and exercises to get you started dancing freely, for pure joy. We will focus on a few rhythms and songs that are fun to dance to. Let go and dance. Drummers, musicians and dancers welcome.