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Mozart's The Magic Flute

Choral, Classical, Opera

Come enjoy the talented young artists of the German Vocal Arts Institute Summer Program as they present a lively semi-staged performance of Mozartís Magic Flute. These singers - studying at some of the best music schools in the country - have come from all over the US to sing here. The story in brief: Once upon a time, Prince Tamino is joined by Papageno, a bird catcher, on a quest to rescue the beautiful Princess Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night. When they discover together that the Queen is evil, Tamino and Papageno choose to take the trials necessary to enter the temple of the High Priest, Sarastro. Meanwhile, the Queen finds Pamina and instructs her to kill Sarastro. With the help of a magic flute, Tamino and Pamina triumph and find love with each other and all live happily ever after except for the Queen. Soloists: Stephanie Pfundt, Caroline Spaeth, Marissa Moultrie, Courtney Sanders, Ashley Shalna, Cassandra Willock, Ashlyn Herd, Gwen Paker, Erykka Jimenez, Hyunho Cho, Conrad Schmechel, Luke Norvell, Dorian McCall, Brett Sprague. With piano accompaniment and German dialogues. Supertitles in English.