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RAIN Urban Kitchen Open House Happy Hour


Join us for the RAIN Urban Kitchen's first annual Open House Happy Hour. Drop by any time between 5 pm-8 pm on Friday, July 13th to enjoy some of the best food Tacoma has to offer and support our local small businesses in the culinary arts. We're proud to bring you Proctor Market favorites such as Jan Parker Cookery, Crumbly Bits, Reverend Al's Bonafide Potents; Tacoma's best meal prep services Gritty City Gourmet, Super Mario's Kitchen; and many more. There will be tastings, cooking displays, and food and drinks available for any dietary restriction or preference. Don't miss it. RAIN is a 501c3 nonprofit life science incubator educating our community to grow jobs, talent, and companies in BioTech. RAIN Urban Kitchen supports local entrepreneurs by providing a shared kitchen space to kickstart their culinary careers.