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Bach's Complete Cello Suites by Emerald City Music

Classical, Chamber Music, Orchestral

Emerald City Music is South Lake Unionís destination for vogue, eclectic, open-bar classical music shows. Top-flight musicians gather from every corner of the globe to perform on ECMís stages. The six cello suites of Johann Sebastian Bach are considered the Baroque composerís most iconic set of chamber music. However, performing them in one marathon session is a bold and challenging feat for any cellist. British cellist Colin Carr returns to the Emerald City Music stages to conclude the season with this marathon full-evening performance of Bachís complete Cello Suites. ďa beacon for the casual-classical movement, presenting high-level musicians in an unstuffy environment.Ē Ė CityArts Magazine.

Dates in your area:
415 Westlake
• Fri 5/24/19 at 8:00 PM - 11:45 PM