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Four Seasons, by Emerald City Music

Chamber Music, Classical

Emerald City Music is Olympia’s home for top-flight chamber music performances. Now entering its third season, the series brings over 45 classical soloists and chamber musicians to Olympia from every corner of the globe. The new season begins with an array of classical duos that explore the depths of our human ability to dream, emote, and find beauty when we gather together. Hear tunes by Tartini, Wiancko (played by the composer himself!), Bottesini, and Piazzolla’s colorful “Four Seasons in Buenos Aires”. Musicians: Bella Hristova, Chad Hoopes, Kristin Lee (violins) • Ayane Kozasa (viola) • Paul Wiancko (cello) • Daxun Zhang (bass) • JP Jofre (bandoneon) • Li-Tan Hsu (piano)