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Reich's Music for 18 Musicians

Alternative, Classical (Solo Vocal), Classical, Chamber Music, Electronic

Emerald City Music is Olympia’s home for top-flight chamber music performances. American composer Steve Reich is hailed for his work as a pioneer of the minimalist music movement. This monumental performance – a single concert-length work – features Reich’s rarely staged Music for Eighteen Musicians. For this momentous occasion, a cast of vocalists, percussionists, pianists, and chamber musicians gather from around the globe in the Pacific Northwest. The work is only performed in the United States every few years; do not miss this rare opportunity to hear one of the crowning compositional achievements of the 21st Century!

Dates in your area:
South Puget Sound Community College – Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts
• Sat 3/2/19 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM