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Northwest Jewelry Conference Reception: Tales of the Cheapside Hoard

Antiques, Jewelry, History, Art

The opening reception of the Northwest Jewelry Conference (NWJC) may be attended by estate jewelry enthusiasts from the general public who are not enrolled in the conference. With Tales of the Cheapside Hoard, Museum of London curator Hazel Forsyth will reveal the contents of this extraordinary find of Elizabethan jewels unearthed in 1912 after nearly three hundred years below Londonís fabled jewelry district. A survivor of the Great London Fire of 1666, the hoard represents a time capsule from the era, revealing aspects of the jewelry industry and their manufacturing techniques. Gems from the Far East and the New World demonstrated Londonís strength in global trade and raised many questions as to sources and ownership of various articlesóone of the most intriguing being a timepiece housed within a large emerald crystal. Hazelís talk will follow the NWJC Northwest Reception, greeting world-wide participants of the conference over lite bites and a no-host bar at Cedarbrook Lodge, near SeaTac, 6pm on Friday, August 10, 2018. Cost to attend the reception and lecture is $125 until August 1st. There will be no on-site registration.