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Metro Parks Tacoma welcomes ideas for Swan Creek Park recreational developments

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Join Metro Parks Tacoma at a 6 p.m. July 12 public meeting to consider improvements to a relatively unused portion of Swan Creek Park. It takes place at the Salishan Family Investment Center, 1724 E. 44th St., Tacoma. After the meeting, Metro Parks staff will lead a walking tour of the area. This event begins a process to update the parkís 2011 master plan, which included a dog park, ropes course, a picnic shelter and additional parking. The focus is a portion of the park south of Lister Elementary School thatís crisscrossed by pavement: a vestige of the original Salishan neighborhood, which housed World War II workers and was subsequently demolished. This part of Swan Creek Park also is north of the parkís 50-acre mountain bike trail system, east of the new Salishan neighborhood and west of the Swan Creek canyon. Itís where recent Metro Parks Mud Runs have taken place. If you would like to contribute, but cannot attend, contact Kristi Evans, project administrator at (253) 305-1054 or