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Super Manager Development Series

Seminar, Business, Education, Class/Workshop

People management skills are some of the most overlooked and underdeveloped in organizations today. Use this workshop to develop your own or your team's people management and leadership skills. Here are the topics and schedule: Week 1: Introduction and Self-Assessment of Skills of a Super Manager Week 2: Care & Communication Week 3: Coaching & Empowerment Week 4: Vision, Strategy and Goals Week 5: Teamwork & Culture Week 6: Closeout, Reassess and Next Steps Each week will have takeaways and practice steps to help ingrain the skills. And then each session will include review and accountability to each other in the learning group on taking action. This is not a passive listen and move along event. This is a developmental series that will require reflection, action and change. If that's not what you're looking for then this isn't for you. The objectives are: Learn about the Super Manager skills Reflect on your own leadership and grow in your ability as a Super Manager Build a supportive leadership learning community to help in the series and beyond This is a series. It will be 6 sessions, 1 every other week for 90 minutes each. They will essentially be working lunches so as not to take too much time away from work but also to enable the most development bang for the resource buck. You are welcome to bring lunch or to eat at the cafe adjacent to our meeting space called the Classics Cafe managed by Pacific Grill. Join us in making our places of work more inspiring, uplifting and engaging by building more Super Managers!