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Cavorting in Caves Familiar and Unfamiliar

Poetry Reading/Spoken Word

Faith Formation Speakers Series: Cavorting in Caves Familiar and Unfamiliar with Georgia S. McDade, Ph.D, Author/Poet/Historian, African American Writers Alliance - Georgia S. McDade, Ph.D., shares poems from her four books of poetry: Outside the Cave I, II, III, and IV. Family, friends, foes, nature, relationships, aging, reconciliation, losses, observations, successes, failures, perspectives, race, love, disappointment, beginnings, endings, history, politics, religion—all are among the many subjects she covers and sometimes re-covers. McDade’s favorite description of her work comes from an excellent student and great friend: “But you’re not just a great teacher of literature—you teach sociology, anthropology, history, economics, political science, psychology, journalism, religion! And politics: I never thought of everything being political until I took your class.”