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"Aloof & the Woof" | Artist Reception - Meet Lynne Farren & Lorraine Toler

Art Show, Folk Art/Crafts, Painting, Installations

*** SAVE THE DATE*** You are Invited to "Aloof and the Woof"!!! Please join us Monday, June 25 from 5-7pm as we celebrate local artists, Lynne Farren and Lorraine Toler. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Lynne & Lorraine and to shop and learn more about their creations on display. Light bites and beverages will be available for all to enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Lynne Farren: "A maker of many kinds of art including collage,assemblage, artwear and painting.... Lynne Farren is inspired by everything including cats and quotes about cats. She paints cats in a whimsical and colorful style with added quotes to show their quirky and funny side." "People who don't like cats haven't met the right one yet."........ Quote by Deborah Edwards. To see her portfolio visit: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Lorraine Toler: "My name is Lorraine Toler and I am an artist residing in Tacoma Washington. I studied oil painting, acrylic painting and photography in the Fine Arts Program at Washington State University. I recently discovered that I also delight in painting pets. I have always been a pet person, so it is a natural progression. Like many, I anthropomorphize my pets and they always become part of my family. During the process of painting an animal it is like getting to know a new friend. It is always an honor to paint a much loved pet. My style and process is influenced by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch and the evocative way he interpreted themes of life, death, and family as well as the contemporary California artist Hung Liu and the way she paints Chinese History and her own personal experiences of oppression in an authoritarian society. I strive to create in the way that these artist do. I admire the way that they tell a story through a single piece or a series. I admire art that can make your smile, or cry." To see her portfolio visit: