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Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest Film Screening and Discussion


Mayor Selby of Olympia and Mayor Durkan of Seattle have proclaimed Friday, May 18th Endangered Species Day. In recognition of Endangered Species Day, Endangered Species Coalition’s environmental educator and organizer will share the proclamations and host a screening and discussion of Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest. Admission is free! Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest is a cinematic journey into the tragically threatened world of endangered mountain caribou, their home in the world's largest remaining inland temperate rainforest, and the critical human choices that will ultimately decide the fate of this stunning ecosystem. Historically, woodland caribou inhabited the forests of the Northern United States from Maine to Washington State, but have been reduced to one small herd in the Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, eastern Washington and southern British Columbia. Twelve animals were documented in the South Selkirks herd in 2017, and only three may be left.