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Cascade Conducting Masterclass with Sarah Ioannides at Pacific Lutheran University


Audiences can expect excitement, energy, and passion from Symphony Tacoma under music director Sarah Ioannides, now in her fourth season. Named one of the top 20 female conductors in the world by Lebrecht’s “Female Conductors: The Power List,” Ioannides will now pass on the experience and knowledge that has shaped her into a conductor of “unquestionable strength and authority” according to the New York Times during the five day Cascade Conducting Masterclass at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA from June 25th-29th, 2018. The first annual Cascade Conducting Masterclass at PLU will feature principle members of Symphony Tacoma leading the Cascade Conducting Orchestra in a program that will focus on score analysis, baton technique, and will offer 17 plus hours of quality podium time with the Cascade Conducting Orchestra. Time will also be dedicated to discussion of the business and media aspects of conducting, including applying and auditioning for conducting positions, crafting a resume, public relations, and how to balance these practical aspects of the business while maintaining one’s unique musical identity. "...through what is undoubtedly a very challenging business, yet a highly worthwhile and valuable art form, one has to stay true to the music throughout. Preserving one's own talent, faith to the music and performance integrity while navigating a successful path forward is imperative, so that great symphonic music can live on and not only be cherished by generations to come, but be a more relevant and effective platform for peace, expression and understanding of our world." ~Sarah Ioannides~ Participants will be encouraged to apply to join the Cascade Conducting Orchestra during podium time when they are not conducting. If chosen, participants who play in the orchestra will be given a discount for their services. Continuing Education Credits will be offered by PLU. For more information, or to apply, visit