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Life, the Universe, etc. An Evening with Nicola Griffith & Kelley Eskridge


Nicola Griffith will read from her new novel So Lucky (publication date May 15, 2018, Farrar, Straus and Giroux). Following the reading, author Kelley Eskridge will interview Nicola about books, life, the universe, and other topics. Nicola Griffith is an award winning author, editor, and disability rights activist. Griffith has written multiple novels, short stories and memoirs including Slow River, Ammonite, and Hild. Kelley Eskridge is an award winning novelist, screenwriter and editor, and has published multiple novels and short story collections including Solitaire and Dangerous Space. Her recent screenplay, OtherLife, has screened in multiple film festivals and is now available for streaming on Netflix. Nicola and Kelley live and work together in Seattle, Washington. Books will be available for purchase and signing through Browsers Bookstore. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Lacey Library.